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G I M M I C K S   L O N D O N


About Our Skin Care Range

We use the finest, freshest, natural ingredients, and will only use ingredients from the most reputable sources, and soil association certified ingredients 

where possible,

We make all our products with love and care with you the customer in mind.

We will not sell anything unless we would use it ourselves.


We are not just a gimmick, our skincare does exactly what is says on the tin!

​Our motto 

"Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself"

Our inspiration and motivation

1) The no 1 priority and instigator on our journey to producing natural skin care and beauty products

was trying to avoid the chemical sensitivities our family members had begun to suffer. Today we are

bombarded with unnatural chemical cocktails some, if not many, proving to be profound in their side

effects including endocrine and hormonal disruptions and in some cases long term damages. We had been

producing home made remedies and skin care even make up for many years for our personal use, this then became for friends of the family until we formed Gimmicks London Ltd. We hope you'll see the irony in the company name, a little joke we have over so many ineffective or down right toxic products that are just superbly marketed and branded, with no real substance to them.


2) As mothers (Victoria and Louise) with autistic children we are all too aware of the toxic loads our developing babies are exposed to, creating products that eliminate chemical, in particular petro chemicals, is a very big motivation for us.


3)We simply love making our products, research and development can be hard work at times, but every time we hear of someone's positive experiences using our products we feel everything we do makes your lives a little better.


4) Ethically we had to produce our own products, the mass production of consumer goods leads only to lower standards and the pursuit of profit over ethics, to the detriment of us all and the planet. By taking responsibility for our supply chain we can assure we do not impact the environment or our health, and we extend that here now to all our customers. We are 100% committed to clean, sustainable, natural products, that is our personal guarantee, no Gimmick!


5) Another of the principle motivations for us was in helping others, in the beginning this was simply helping those with sensitivities to most branded products, but with the formation of Gimmicks we can expand that considerably. We intend to donate 5-10% of our profits to worthy charities that we feel are truly making a difference in the world. NOT big charities whose donations largely go to “administration” but smaller independent charities whom are doing the utmost with little to no assistance, and largely working on a good will basis, as so many do and go unnoticed. Please let us know if there are such charities we don't yet know about, so we can consider adding them to our list of organisations to help.